Art EsseryArt Essery warrants the title of Classic. You will love his classic country sound and fine choice of music.

Born in 1941 on a farm near Oshawa, Ontario, Art has been singing and performing as far back as he can remember.

In the 1970s, he toured the country with an amazing 4-piece band featuring Leroy Glazier on guitar, Jim Blakney on drums and Jan Essery on bass. They played real country music, the kind with good songs, powerful vocals and strong lead guitar. The kind you don’t hear much of anymore.

The band made two vinyl records, and Right Cut Records is thrilled to issue these wonderful albums now on CD. We can’t stop listening to these, and hope you enjoy them too. You will love the ballads that stir your soul, and no doubt you’ll listen over and over to these endearing songs.