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 Drinking Champagne
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  Art Essery
Drinking Champagne

Featuring Leroy Glazier!
The Art Essery show traveled the United States and Canada in the 1970s. We are happy to bring you this record, digitally restored and featuring the original front cover and liner notes. You will love Leroy Glazier’s beautiful guitar accompanying Art’s smooth classic voice.

  1. Drinking Champagne
2. Set ‘Em Up Bartender
3. Canadian Pacific
4. Kentucky
5. Hello Darlin’
6. All I Need Is You
7. Daddy Frank
8. I’d Rather Be Sorry
9. Barbara
10. Rippling Water Jig
11. Don’t Get Married
12. The Auctioneer
13. Cimarron
 Modern Country
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  Art Essery
Modern Country

Featuring Leroy Glazier!
On this album, the follow-up to Drinking Champagne, The Art Essery Show managed to keep it real while getting modern. Of course, what was Modern Country in the 1970s is now Classic Country. And that’s especially true in the hands and voice of Art and the band. You will enjoy Art’s smooth vocals and Leroy’s amazing guitar.

  1. Pretend I Never Happened
2. Lead Me Not Into Temptation
3. Fiddlin’ Around
4. When My blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
5. Happy Hollow
6. What A Way To Live
7. Did She Mention My Name
8. Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
9. Arms That Hold Me
10. Mexico
11. You Gave Me A Mountain
12. You’ve Never Been This Far Before

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